The Best Vacuum Hoses for Swimming Pool Cleaning

All pool owners know regular cleaning is necessary to keep their pool nice all season long. Sure, the water circulates through the filters, but any remaining dirt at the bottom of the pool must be vacuumed up. This is where a suitable vacuum hose makes a big difference.

Finding the best pool vacuum hose is knowing what to look for. It should be made of solid materials, long enough to reach all parts of the pool, and affordable.

To help you with this, our buying guide breaks down all the essential features to consider. And, if you want to save time searching for a reliable hose, check out the products on our list. We handpicked them based on their performance, so we’re sure they’ll get the job done no matter what type of pool you have.

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How To Choose A Pool Vacuum Hose – Buying Guide

Materials and Durability

A suitable hose is usually made of high-quality materials. EVA plastic or a similar material. It offers strength and flexibility without being prone to leaks. You should avoid cheap, thin plastic because it won’t work well (it will break quickly).

Some pool vacuum hoses have a polymer outer shell, giving them extra protection against UV rays and chemicals found in pool water. This layer also increases its durability. A good indicator of hose quality can be the warranty you get with it, with some products going as long as five years.

hose length

The sufficient length of the pool cleaning hose allows you to reach every corner of your pool. If you have an average size home pool, a 30-foot hose should be more than enough. However, we suggest you take measurements before ordering and always buy more than you think you need (for comfortable use).

As you’ve had a chance to see, some pool hoses come in pieces. You can add or remove parts depending on what you need. An additional benefit of this hose is that it is much easier to clean. Also, it is best to consider purchasing a manual pool skimmer, as it can help pick up debris that floats on the surface.

hose diameter

To a large extent, the diameter determines the efficiency of the hose. It is generally accepted that larger diameters are better, especially if you have a larger pool and a more robust pool pump. Most of the products we list are 1.5 inches in diameter, which is usually enough to give a good flow.

Another benefit of wider hoses is that they are easier to clean and less likely to become clogged by passing debris. When discussing this, you should think about the hose diameter as well. It should be able to fit the vacuum head and skimmer. Sometimes you will need to use a vacuum plate to connect it correctly to get good suction.

Flexibility and ease of use

Flexibility allows you to move freely without worrying about the hose bending or breaking. The materials determine flexibility, but they are not the only factor. It also has to do with the design. Spirally coiled vacuum hoses are great, as they allow for more effortless movement while strengthening the hose.

It’s also a big plus if the hose comes with swivel cuffs that connect to the pool vacuum head. When clicked, the hose rotates around the connection point, significantly reducing the chance of kinking or stopping the flow.

Frequent Ask Questions

Q: What are the benefits of pool vacuum hoses?

A: A pool hose is necessary to keep your pool clean, and investing in a top-of-the-line product can go a long way. Together with the pump, skimmer, suction head and telescopic pole, it forms a system that removes all debris from your pool.

A well-made hose will be durable and easy to use. It will allow you to easily remove sand from your pool or remove water critters so that the water is clear the next time you want to take a dip.

Q: How to clean a pool vacuum hose?

A: If you want your hose to work well and last, clean and maintain it. Be sure to wash it repeatedly to ensure nothing is stuck inside. It is a great advantage that the hose has a smooth inner surface, making cleaning easier.

In addition to cleaning, be sure to also think about storage. Hoses should not be left lying on the ground or floating in the pool. Prolonged exposure to chlorine can cause irreparable damage to even the Best Vacuum Hoses for Swimming Pools. Although some models have special protective coatings, you should still pack and store the hoses in a shed or garage.

Q: What size pool vacuum hose do I need?

A: It depends on the size of your pool. The pool hose vacuum should be long enough to reach every corner of the collection when attached to the skimmer. It is always better if the hose lasts longer so you can manoeuvre more easily. For example, if your pool is 36 feet long, a 40-foot hose will do the job just fine.

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