Studying Sports Sciences in a blended form is already possible

What does the Degree consist of?

The blended learning degree in CAFyD from the European University, Activity and Sports Sciences in blended learning modality, contains an innovative Curriculum focused on health and improving sports performance. It combines branches of science, including physiology, psychology, human anatomy and biomechanics, with business and management skills so that you are able to take on different responsibilities in your work within the Sports Industry. You will be able to train in different sports disciplines, combining theory with practical classes on weekends.

Why study the Degree at the European University?

The European University is a benchmark in research on Physical Activity and Sport applied to health according to the I-URG Ranking of Spanish Universities . In addition, it is the only Degree in Spain internationally accredited by the European Health & Fitness Association. Check out more interesting articles on our Real Blog.

We put at your disposal 30,000 square meters of first-class sports facilities. One of the most modern and advanced sports complexes on university campuses in Spain with the latest technological advances, highlighting the equipment, as well as the biomechanics of sports equipment.

Unique in Spain, the European University has an innovative “Hammer Strength” functional training room, as well as scientific laboratories, which become regular spaces in which classes are held and where you can put into practice all the knowledge acquired . Cybex and Hammer Strength equipment is the world leader in strength equipment and is the brand of elite athletes and the most prestigious universities in the United States.

You will learn from the best: faculty of the highest level, specialized and with a great research production, not only at a national level but also as a benchmark at an international level. Some of our professors have been awarded the National Prize for Sports Medicine, the National Olimpia Prize for Olympic Athletes, and the Directorate of Research Projects at the Higher Sports Council. Elite coaches (Real Madrid, Fuenlabrada ACB…), WILSON Award for educational innovation (international award).

In addition, you will have at your disposal a personal tutor, live virtual classes and all the necessary technology and resources to make your learning simple, dynamic and flexible.

Studying the Degree in Activity and Sports Sciences in blended learning mode at the European University allows you to combine your professional life with your studies so that you can make a qualitative leap in your profession

What options do I have when I finish my Degree in CAFyD Blended learning?

The health and sports sector has taken an important turn in recent years. The trend to lead healthier lifestyles has led to changes in consumer habits and food, experiencing a notable increase in the demand for professionals who know how to innovate within the sports sector.

A professional profile capable of meeting the diverse needs of the population to maximize physical performance and the search for a better quality of life is sought.

For this reason, the Degree in Sciences of Physical Activity and Blended Sport of the European University prepares you to respond to the real needs of companies in the sports sector , at a national and international level.

Some of the job opportunities of the Degree are:

  • Physical trainer
  • Sports coach
  • Manager / Director of Facilities or Sports Centers
  • Technician in Sports Biomechanics and Technological Applications
  • Personal Trainer or coordinator of sports monitors.

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