Our first line of defense in this crisis, thank you!

Nursing as a profession has many fields of action, care, management, research and teaching. In these complicated times in which we are immersed, the care function stands out above all .

Nurses have become, as they already were, a key part of the first line of defense against the pandemic caused by the coronavirus.

Nursing is at the center of patient care , they are responsible for the initial patient care in hospital emergency services , carrying out triage tasks , classifying patients according to their severity and care needs , but they are also part of the outpatient care teams , which care for patients on public roads and in their homes, and to close the journey they are present in the intensive care units .

In short, they will accompany the critically ill patient from the moment the patient, or someone close to them, activates the need for care until their health problem is resolved. Check out more interesting articles on our Real Blog.

Critical patient care requires a series of skills from nursing professionals, such as the ability to work in a team, communication and leadership in situations that often compromise the lives of the patients in their care.

The professionals who, in these moments of health crisis, care for seriously ill patients, are not only in charge of using the available technology to care for patients in the best conditions , they also have a fundamental role in caring for the families of these patients . In the case of COVID-19, especially complex situations arise due to the difficulty of communication caused by social isolation measures between patients and family members. All health professionals, and nurses as a fundamental piece, are of great help so that this communication barrier can be overcome.

In short, they are at the center of patient care , and are undoubtedly a fundamental pillar in the care of critical patients.

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