Will the fourth industrial revolution be more domestic?

The fourth industrial revolution is a recurring theme in any article about Engineering and Technology. And yet, do we know if we are aiming correctly when we talk about the culprits of innovation? In the first industrial revolution it was clear: Watts’ brand new steam engine. The second had as protagonists mass production and electrification and the third marked the beginning of the digital age through the automation of processes. Can we talk about the connected Industry and 4.0 as the fourth industrial revolution?

Industrial revolutions have been characterized by being the industrial sector, through technological development and application of scientific advances, which introduced changes in society. Changes such as reduction of distances and globalization thanks to transportation, consumption habits in families, and access to information. Check out more interesting articles on our Real Blog.

However, at present, it is society that is immersed in the use of technology, even starting in the domestic sphere, and industry that is taking a little longer to embrace it massively. That is why it is questioned by multiple experts that we can consider industry 4.0 a revolution. It is seen that the transformation of physical to virtual systems and robotization is a consolidated trend, and that, of course, the future goes through Blockchain , BigData and Virtual Reality.

Graphene, an old acquaintance that will make people talk

Do you know what is being a revolution that the industry pulls? New materials and their applications. We find them with a very significant presence in the field of medicine and health, in robotics, in transport, in energy, in structures, in the military industry, etc. Nanotechnology is experiencing a sweet moment and although we have not yet achieved graphene with the desired stability, it will undoubtedly be one of the advances of this decade.

All technological evolution needs materials to carry it out , and advances in this field are news every day in the international media. Let’s not stop paying attention to this revolution, or we will lose the basis of technological innovation.

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