How is the process to study Medicine at UEM?

Are you thinking of studying Medicine, but don’t know where to start? Well let us help you understand the process so you can understand what is in the way.

Being a doctor is one of the most demanding professions in Spain and you will need a combination of excellent academic marks, a lot of patience and being prepared for a long way to go: the degree itself takes six years to complete, and then it is four more years working as a doctor. resident medical intern (MIR).

A career in Medicine is incredibly fulfilling in whatever area of ​​specialization you choose. But before you even think about being the next Doctor House, what is the first step you should take on the road?

The answer? A test. Get ready for many Medicine entrance exams at every step! This first test is called the Personal Aptitude Test (PAP) and is mandatory for all those who want to study a Medicine degree . And we have good news for you… here at Universidad Europea we have a series of dates on which you can come to campus and take the test, you can check the dates

While you’re on campus, why not check out our Mock Hospital ? You will see first hand the facilities that we have at your disposal if you eventually decide to come to one of the best private universities for Medicine .

What does the Medicine admission test consist of?

The PAP test consists of:

  • 116 general skills questions.
  • 23 study behavior questions.

And it consists of three parts:

  • Skills in intellectual work.
  • Attitudes towards work.
  • Attitudes toward cooperation and teamwork.

You must also take an English exam, based on the Cambridge University Press methodology. It consists of four parts: listening, reading, grammar and vocabulary. If your first language is not Spanish, you will have to take a Spanish language test. Check out more interesting articles on our Real Blog.

And how do I apply for my place in the exam to enter Medicine?

You should complete the online application based on your access to the University, being summoned for the next date of admission tests to the Degree in Medicine.

Once the online application has been completed, it will be necessary to pay the selection test fee online (€150), it is mandatory for all candidates to make this payment, regardless of the route of access to the Degree in Medicine.

Places fill up fast to take the Medicine entrance exam, so reserve your place now !

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