Dubai Healthcare City Metro Station

Dubai Healthcare City (DHCC) is an integrated free zone focused on delivering world-class healthcare. It has its own metro station on the green line of Dubai Metro providing convenient transit access. The area spans 4.1 million square feet with hospitals, clinics, medical universities and commercial health businesses.

Overview of Dubai Healthcare City

Dubai Healthcare City was launched in 2002 by the government. It aims to develop Dubai’s medical tourism, provide quality specialized care, and produce skilled healthcare professionals.

The district contains two hospitals, over 120 outpatient medical centers and diagnostic laboratories, licensed pharmacies, a wellness center and rehabilitation services. It also houses research institutions plus renowned healthcare universities.

Top medical facilities located in DHCC include Moorfields Eye Hospital, Saudi German Hospital Dubai and DHA Diagnostic Centers. Healthcare brands based there include AstraZeneca, Pfizer, Sanofi and more.

Dubai Healthcare City Metro Station Details

The Dubai Healthcare City metro station provides direct transit access within the medical district. Key features include:

  • Located centrally on Oud Metha Road in Dubai Healthcare City
  • Opened in 2010 as part of initial Dubai Metro Green Line
  • Connects DHCC to other metro lines via Union and Burjuman stations
  • Served by both 6-car and 3-car trains on Green Line
  • Features park-and-ride facilities for metro users
  • Platform level elevated above street level
  • Accessible entry/exit points to south and north sides of Oud Metha Road

Riding the Metro to DHCC

Riding Dubai’s Metro provides an easy direct transit link to facilities within Dubai Healthcare City. Here is an overview:

Finding the Station

  • Located on Oud Metha Rd before intersection with Al Wasl Rd
  • Well-labeled DHCC metro signs mark entrance
  • Walkways connect directly from Clemenceau Medical Center

Catching a Train

  • Green line trains every 8-10 minutes during peak times
  • Operates Sat-Thurs roughly 5:50am to midnight
  • Use NOL cards or paper tickets purchased at vending machines

Arriving at Destination

  • Listen for Dubai Healthcare City station announcement
  • Exit using designated gateways to access Oud Metha Road
  • Cross walkways safely to medical buildings

Benefits of Using the Metro

Key advantages of riding metro trains to reach Dubai Healthcare City include:

  • Avoids Traffic – Swift transit times bypass road congestion
  • Saves on Parking – Ample metro parking available
  • Cost-Effective – NOL card fares under 4 dhr even during peak times
  • Environmentally Clean – Mass transit reduces emissions
  • Accessibility – Easy transit connectivity from other districts

Key Destinations Reached from Station

The DHCC Dubai metro station enables short direct walks or bus rides to leading medical destinations including:

Hospitals and Treatment Centers

  • Saudi German Hospital Dubai – 8 minute walk
  • Moorfields Eye Hospital – 10 mins by foot
  • Dubai Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Center – 15 minute stroll

Medical Education Facilities

  • Mohammed Bin Rashid University -Adjacent to station
  • University of Sharjah Medical College – 3 minutes away
  • Dubai Harvard Foundation Research Center – 11 mins walk

So whether you work within the medical district, are visiting healthcare facilities there or reside nearby, the Dubai Healthcare City metro stop offers convenient transit connectivity.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to common queries about the station:

How often do metro trains run to DHCC?

Trains arrive every 8-12 minutes generally. Frequency ranges from 4 to 20 minutes depending on schedule.

What is the metro fare to the district?

A one-way NOL card trip is 3-4 dhr from central stations like Burjuman or Union. Paper tickets cost slightly more.

Are taxis available by the station too?

Yes, there is a designated taxi rank in front both metro station exits where taxis wait to transport passengers to destinations within DHCC.

Can I access Dubai Metro’s Red or Blue line from DHCC?

Yes, easy transfers are available at Union or Burjuman stations which provide interconnects to all metro lines.

Are shuttle buses available from the station?

Yes, RTA shuttle buses are accessible right outside the metro station offering rides to offices and clinics all around DHCC.


In summary, the Dubai Healthcare City metro station provides vital connectivity allowing staff, students, patients and visitors direct convenient access into the heart of Dubai’s vital medical district. Using Dubai Metro lines avoids traffic hassles and parking scarcity while enabling swift environmentally-friendly transit to facilities across this essential health hub. So for getting around Dubai’s health-centered future city sustainably, the metro is the clear choice.

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