Wall tiles with a metal look – the new star of living trends

They create a new interplay in the living room:  tiles with a metal look. This means that the living room design and modern design have unique accents. Metal-look tiles are the right choice if you want a simple yet stylish design. A symbiosis of light and shadow, colours and shine, is created. Whether modern living style or vintage  – the new tiles are a successful move in the world of design.

Tiles for the wall in trendy metal look

Tiles with a metal look present their unique look in every living area. Interestingly, they are suitable for both the kitchen and the sleeping area. Every room has that particular something, a stylish touch that can hardly be surpassed in terms of simplicity. Depending on your taste, you can choose the right tile with a metal look to match your style of living. Choose Infinite Leisure for your swimming pool tile suppliers in Dubai. When combined, these new tiles show that they harmonize with wood or metal. For a redesign of your rooms, you will, therefore, also find suitable coloured tiles to match your furniture. The metal look is awe-inspiring if it is used directly for wall design. The resulting surfaces show significant effects. A design example is the look of etched copper, which creates a modern vintage style

The colour nuances of a new tile style

Natural effects are created from brown vintage to anthracite,  which has a silvery look. These nuances originally come from nature and are now used in living spaces. For this reason, these new metal-look tiles are wonderfully suited to a cosy home. The wall design gets unexpectedly high attractiveness. Let us inspire you to come up with new ideas. A silver-coloured tile visually plays with the incidence of light in the room and can be combined very well with upholstered furniture. These natural contrasts create a modern living design that fits into your spaces. Brown-copper, silver-anthracite or bronze-gold are modern colours that are now available as metal-look tiles. Check out more at our Blog.

The first impression is lasting! Also, on the outside wall of the house.

The value of the home begins with its presence. The wall design with tiles in metal colours is undoubtedly an eye-catcher.

Therefore,  tiles with a metal look are ideal for wall design throughout the house. High-quality materials are used for production, which enables use in wet areas. This means that the metal look tile is insensitive to moisture.

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