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Making the decision to study for a university degree is difficult, almost as difficult as deciding where to do it. This article is for those people who have made the decision and who are wondering where to study dentistry in Spain. Although in most cases it is a matter of vocation, it is also important to take into account other aspects of the degree, such as its cost, specialization prospects or the type of university in which you want to study.

Although dentistry focuses on maintaining oral health, students will enter the world of Health Sciences , where they will discover that the treatment and prevention of diseases of the teeth and gums can go beyond the mouth: a dentist You must acquire knowledge in anatomy, pathology, pharmacology or physiology, since, on many occasions, oral disease does not stay in the mouth, but can cause complications in other nearby areas of the body such as the face or neck.

5 aspects to take into account to know where to study dentistry in Spain

When entering university, future dentists should know the importance of the academic center in their future as a professional, since each of them offers different advantages that may be more or less convenient. When deciding where to study the Degree in Dentistry in Spain, you can take into account the following fundamental aspects:

  1. How is the quality of teaching? It is relatively easy to know the reputation of a university in terms of quality, and it is certainly essential when choosing one of them.
  2. How is the faculty? They will leave a very deep mark on your training and future as a dentist. Therefore, looking for universities with the best professors is not superfluous when making this decision.
  3. Does it have adequate facilities and laboratories? Dentistry is a practical science, where you learn by doing, and for this you need to have facilities at your disposal that allow you to practice to develop your skills.
  4. Is it public or private? Although it is a more practical matter, the type of university is also a factor that you should take into account before choosing. The price, the facilities, the scholarships, the possibilities of mobility between universities, the research or the quality of the job market are some of the points in which private universities can differ from public ones and that, depending on what you are looking for, they can agree to a greater or lesser extent.
  5. What specialization possibilities does it offer me? Dentistry is one of those careers in which postgraduate degrees are of great importance and a university with a wide range of postgraduate courses is a point in your favor that you should consider before making the decision.

As you can see, it is not a question of an exact calculation, but of meditating which aspects are most important to you and which center best suits what you are looking for.

The importance of postgraduate

After four or five years of university studies, as a graduate in dentistry you will already have the necessary training to practice as a dentist and, probably, you will already have had some experience in the world of work. The question at this point is no longer knowing where to study dentistry in Spain, but in which area to specialize. Specialization is the key to your position as a professional, and that is why it is important to study a master’s degree or postgraduate degree in dentistry , choosing a center that provides quality guarantees, flexibility to combine with work and knowledge to offer treatments that are distinguished from the of your other professional colleagues. Check out more interesting articles on our Real Blog.

Now that you know where you can study dentistry in Spain, it’s time for you to spend a few hours reflecting on what aspects of a university you value most and deciding where you will take your first steps as an oral health professional.

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