What is the salary of an industrial engineer

Knowing what the salary of an industrial engineer is is a very frequent question when we think about this profession. It is no secret that salaries for industrial engineers are good and it is not surprising, since it is a long and difficult career.

Industrial engineers are very versatile professionals who can fit into various kinds of departments, where they can add value with their inclination towards finding solutions to any problem. With all this, it is natural that they are highly valued professionals in companies, whether they are multinationals or small and medium-sized companies (SMEs), and we can find that the salary of an industrial engineer at the beginning of his career is around €1,500. Although they have a very high potential, the little or no experience of a recent graduate justifies that the salary is not high, since the value they can contribute to the company and its projects is still very low. However, the growth and professional enrichment is also feeding the salary of the industrial engineer. And what does this mean? Well, the salary can amount to €2,500 net per month with 3 years of experience. Not bad, right?

Of course, these figures are indicative and depend on the circumstances of each person as well as the type of company in which they work. Probably, the salary of an industrial engineer will be higher in a multinational and somewhat lower if he works in an SME or a startup.

Salary of an industrial engineer according to the company

Developing what was said above, it is important to know that the salary of the industrial engineer will not be the same in all companies. In the larger ones, the multinationals, the engineer’s salary will be higher: normal, considering that a good engineer can bring the company millionaire profits (or losses, perhaps), and this is rewarded with a high salary. In the same way, salaries in small and medium-sized companies are in line with their possibilities and with their scalable growth, which translates into more modest but equally interesting figures. Check out more interesting articles on our Real Blog.

How much do engineers in other specialties earn?

Industrial engineers are a very large professional group and, although there are many theories and rumors about their salaries, they are not the highest earners in this profession. For example, a Business Intelligence engineer , a branch that consists of planning and organizing strategies to increase company profits, can earn €80,000 per year. Likewise, well-known aeronautical engineers, once they have acquired extensive and consolidated experience, can reach €100,000 per year.

Without a doubt, industrial engineering is very attractive when you think about salaries. But money is not all that should be valued: to begin with, you must be clear that you want to dedicate yourself to a career where mathematics and physics will be your companions for as long as your professional career lasts, and that long and hard days await you. study. Once you are convinced of that, you can aspire to everything else.

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