What documents are required to apply for a Schengen visa for Poland?

The Schengen area was created to facilitate the movement of citizens of the European Union and several countries that are not part of this conglomerate within its borders. At the same time, the tasks of the signatory countries of the Schengen agreement in Luxembourg are to strengthen the external borders of the European Union. This is a kind of “filtering” of all people who travel here, and are not lucky enough to be citizens of some of the EU countries.

Today, 26 European countries have signed the Schengen Agreement. Poland ratified the document in May 2004, and since 21 December 2007, all its checkpoints at the eurozone’s external borders have been operating in “control, filtering and restraint” mode. Therefore, visa documents for Poland do not differ much from those that a tourist, student or guest worker will have to collect, following Germany or Portugal. Know more about Bijelo Polje.

And now let us analyze together the list of documents required to obtain the right to enter the homeland of Chopin and Mickiewicz.

Polish visa documents – complete list with comments

Before presenting the complete list of documents for applying for a visa for Poland, we will remind you once again that this is the so-called Schengen standard, common to all signatory countries. The papers required to register the right of entry are handed over to the consular service closest to your home, whose staff will review the documents prepared by the potential visitor for the Schengen visa and decide – “allow” or “refuse”

Number one on our list is a foreign passport. . The validity of the passport must be longer than 3 months from the date of the intended return of tourists to the homeland. In addition to the foreign passport, the future traveler is obliged to prepare photocopies of all completed pages of his / her civil passport.

visa application ( you can download it on the page) The form is filled in Latin.

PHOTOGRAPHY . A potential visitor who collects documents for a Polish visa must submit it to the consular service

  • two standard size photos – 3.5 x 4.5, matt.
  • photographs must be taken no later than 6 months before the date of submission of documents
  • The face must be photographed on a light white, milky or pearl background and occupy at least 75% of the printed area.

Workplace assistance

One of the most important documents The certificate is issued on a memorandum with clearly written information about the organization, company, institution. Determines the position and salary of the applicant . It is considered that this is a kind of guarantee that a person who has a job will not try to enter and try to stay in the territory of the European Union, increasing the number of unskilled labor. In addition, in such a simple way, a rough check of the creditworthiness of a potential tourist is done.

If the applicant is not officially employed, the presence of a sponsor must be confirmed. And he is already obliged to submit documents confirming his financial security.

What documents are required for a visa to Poland, which show your willingness to part with the money?

A bank statement will suffice. Fresh, taken before the day of submitting the documents for the Polish visa. You can give a salary or credit card statement. But be prepared for the fact that a checkpoint clerk may take you to an ATM and ask you to show money in the account associated with the card. Traveler’s checks are respected by those considering documents for a national visa for Poland. Important – on the account, on the card, in the checks you should concentrate the amount received as a result of multiplying the number of days of your trip by 50 euros. This means that a minimum of 50 euros / day is needed by a guest of the European Union for a normal life.

Health insurance . The last act that the Eurozone insures itself against “import visitors” is the health insurance policy. It is issued for the entire period of stay in the EU. Payment as a consequence of the insured event must be at least 30 thousand euros.

And now we will briefly go through the existing ones, because each of them has its own nuances in paperwork.

Additional conditions for applying for a tourist visa

Tickets. When collecting documents for a Polish tourist visa, you will need to provide the originals, copies or printouts of your transport ticket reservation. Employees of the consular service pay special attention to the return of travel documents from Poland to the homeland of our passenger.

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Confirmation of payment of the consular fee for working with documents for a Polish visa is 35 euros for citizens of Ukraine. (Pensioners and students are exempt from paying consular fees)

Business visa

Those who have their own commercial interest in this country or business partners apply for it. Representatives of the Polish side – companies, organizers of forums or exhibitions, are preparing a special invitation. Indicates the date of the event or the date of the proposed visit, as well as clear details of the inviting organization. In addition, the person who finances accommodation and transfers in the territory of the Republic is listed.

Visitor visa

It is issued to those who go to Poland on a private invitation. To obtain the right to enter, a special Invitation must be attached to the Polish visa documents. Citizens of Poland or persons with the status of permanent residence (permits) can invite first-line relatives (mother / father, children, brother / sister) by drawing up a free-form invitation and notarization. The invitation is accompanied by a scanned copy of the document confirming the status of the caller.

A ducal invitation is issued to invite further relatives or friends. The dates of the proposed trip, the place of residence of the foreign tourist should be indicated. Sometimes you may need documents confirming the degree of kinship or personal acquaintance (friendship) of the host and guests.

National Visa D (working)

Owners can apply for it, as well as relatives, primarily the owners of this document. For this category of persons, a visa for multiple entries of category D for a period of 1 year is provided, and applicants are also exempt from paying the consular fee. It is also not necessary to give a work statement and a bank account.

Visa “shopping”

You can get a multi-entry purchase visa if you have had other Schengen visas open in the last three years (or an original 7-day shopping visa). The only condition is that you must provide proof that you actually bought, these are regular VAT invoices with your name or TAX FREE.

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