How to Join and Play Blooket Games

The Complete Guide for Students and Teachers

Blooket has taken the education world by storm. This innovative game-based learning platform is engaging millions of students across the globe. With its fun themes, interactive gameplay, and custom quiz creation tools, Blooket makes learning an absolute blast.

But to reap the rewards of this transformative edtech tool, you first need to learn the ins and outs of joining and playing Blooket games. This comprehensive guide will walk you through the entire process, equipping you with all the knowledge you need to level up your Blooket skills.

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An Introduction to the Blooket Phenomenon

Founded in 2018, Blooket is the brainchild of game designer and educator Ben Stewart. His mission was to make learning more fun and effective through intelligent gamification.

Blooket enables teachers to transform traditional test prep into exciting, arcade-style games. Students join these hosted games by entering a game code provided by the teacher at With multiple game modes to choose from, educators can customize the perfect experience for their class while assessing student knowledge.

As students play, they collect tokens and gems to unlock gameplay advantages and fun cosmetic upgrades. This built-in incentive system taps into our natural desire for progression and reward.

The Core Benefits of Blooket

So why has Blooket struck a chord with over 15 million students and teachers worldwide? What makes it so uniquely engaging?

Here are some of the key benefits driving Blooket’s immense popularity:

  • Enhanced Student Engagement: Blooket’s games captivate kids in a way that passive learning simply can’t. The competitive, high-energy gameplay makes education truly fun.
  • Higher Knowledge Retention: The repetitive quiz format leads to better memorization through spaced repetition. Games also activate more areas of the brain, boosting retention.
  • Instant Feedback for Teachers: With real-time analytics, teachers can quickly gauge student understanding and identify problem areas.
  • Customizable Learning: Educators can tailor games to fit their curriculum and learning objectives with customizable quiz questions.
  • Encourages Critical Thinking: Blooket’s competitive games motivate students to think quickly and critically under pressure.
  • Classroom Community: Playing together builds camaraderie and relationships between students.
  • Accessibility: As a web-based platform, Blooket can be accessed from any device with an internet connection.

With benefits like these, it’s easy to see how Blooket has revolutionized modern education. Now let’s dive into the details of joining and playing!

How to Join Blooket Games as a Student

Joining a Blooket game hosted by your teacher only takes a few quick steps:

1. Get the Game Code from Your Teacher

Your teacher will announce the game code to enter when the Blooket session starts. The code is typically 4-6 digits long.

Write this code down so you can enter it on the Blooket website to join the game. Some teachers may also share a direct game link which automatically enters the code.

2. Go to the Blooket Website

In your web browser, navigate to the Blooket website at Look for the “Join Game” link in the top left corner.

Alternatively, you can go directly to

3. Enter the Game Code

In the “Enter Game ID” box on the Join page, type in the 4-6 digit game code provided by your teacher.

4. Choose a Name and Avatar

Once you enter the valid game code, you’ll be prompted to choose a fun display name and customize your avatar. This name will show up on the scoreboards!

5. Wait for the Game to Begin

After choosing your player profile, you’ll enter a waiting room. Once your teacher starts the game, you’ll automatically join! No need to re-enter the code.

That’s all it takes to join a hosted Blooket game! Now let’s look at playing from the teacher perspective.

How to Host and Play Blooket as a Teacher

With your free teacher account, you can orchestrate exciting Blooket games for your entire class. Here’s how:

1. Create a Teacher Account

Go to and click “Sign Up” to create your teacher account. Use your school email address during signup.

2. Build Custom Games

In the teacher dashboard, start making your own games! Add quiz questions, select game modes, customize and theme your creation.

3. Get the Game Code

When you launch your game, Blooket will generate a unique 4-6 digit game code. Share this with your class so they can join.

4. Monitor Gameplay and Stats

As the game session goes live, check out real-time stats on the teacher dashboard to see student performance.

5. Review Results with Students

Afterward, log in to analyze final results and identify areas for improvement. Discuss as a class!

Blooket removes all the friction from creating and running classroom games. Setup takes just minutes, so you can focus on engaging your students.

Getting Started with Blooket as a Teacher

For first-time users, here is a step-by-step walkthrough to start hosting your own Blooket games:

Step 1) Create Your Teacher Account

Go to and click “Sign Up” in the top right corner.

  • Select “Teacher” as your account type.
  • Use your official school email address. This verifies you as a teacher.
  • Choose a password and username.

Step 2) Customize Your Teacher Profile

  • Upload a profile picture so students can easily identify you.
  • Select subjects you want to focus on like math, science, etc.
  • Add your school name and grade level taught.

Step 3) Explore the Teacher Dashboard

Poke around the dashboard to see available features like:

  • Create: Build custom games here.
  • Library: Access all your created games.
  • Classes: Add your class rosters.
  • Reports: View data on student progress.

Step 4) Build Your First Game

Click “Create” to start making an awesome game for your class!

  • Select game type: Pick from different modes like Gold Quest or Tower Defense.
  • Customize settings: Set time limits, question points, and other options.
  • Add questions: Create your own or import existing sets.
  • Theme it: Give your game flair by choosing fun characters, colors and backgrounds.

Step 5) Host the Game

When your game is ready, click “Host” to launch it and share the generated game code with your class.

That covers the basics of prepping Blooket as a teacher! With your account setup, you can now create an unlimited number of engaging games for your students.

Top Blooket Game Modes for the Classroom

Blooket offers several seriously fun game modes, each with their own strategic twists. Here are some of the most popular picks for the classroom:

Gold Quest

The classic Blooket game! Answer questions to earn tokens and gems. Collect the most gems to win! This mode works well as a fun intro or recap.

Tower Defense

Protect your towers from invading monsters by answering questions correctly. Combines quizzing with tactical base defense.

Crypto Defense

Similar to Tower Defense but with a cyberpunk cryptocurrency theme. Great for math and economics.

Rapid Rounds

Fast-paced and frantic—race to answer questions before time runs out! Makes any subject into a buzzer-beater thrill ride.


Last player standing wins! Answer questions while avoiding eliminations to be the final survivor. Only the strong will prevail.


Put your trivia skills to the test on colorful racing tracks! Makes learning feel like a fun-filled Mario Kart tournament.

With so many game modes to choose from, you can always keep your content engaging and fresh for students.

Creative Ways for Teachers to Use Blooket

Blooket is wonderfully versatile. Educators across all grade levels and subjects are discovering creative new ways to utilize it in their classrooms:

  • Bell ringers: Start class with a quickfire Blooket session to warmup student brains.
  • Lesson recaps: Review key concepts from the day’s lessons with a custom game.
  • Test prep: Transform boring practice quizzes into engaging gaming experiences. Students retain more!
  • Spicy substitutes: Fill unexpected class time due to absences, holidays, or field trips with exciting Blooket games.
  • Study incentives: Reward students who read assigned texts or watch educational videos with related Blooket games.
  • Student-created games: Have students make their own Blooket games to showcase knowledge in a fun way.

The possibilities are endless thanks to the platform’s flexibility. Blooket supercharges education while keeping kids hooked.

How Students Can Create Their Own Blooket Games

Blooket isn’t just for teachers. Students can join in on the fun by creating their own hosted games to share with friends and classmates.

It’s easy to develop games with a free student account. Here’s how to get started:

1. Sign Up at

Students under 13 need parent permission. Use a personal email address rather than a school one.

2. Click “Create” to Build a New Game

Start adding questions and selecting fun themes just like teachers do!

3. Customize Game Settings

Tweak options like game length, question points and difficulty. Make it your own.

4. Host the Game

Launch your creation and share the join code. Time to quiz your friends!

5. Check Game Analytics

Afterward you can review response stats to see how your classmates did.

Giving students creative control unlocks engagement on a whole new level. They can craft games on topics they’re passionate about.

Blooket Tips, Tricks and Hacks for Teachers

Take your Blooket skills to the next level with these expert tips:

  • Import existing questions from Google Forms, Quizizz or other sources to easily build games.
  • Add images and GIFs to questions to make them more interactive. Take advantage of the multimedia capabilities.
  • Create question packs on specific topics that can be reused year after year.
  • Make games available offline so students can play without internet when needed.
  • Suggest Blooket for homework and projects to continue learning outside class.
  • Enable two-step login for your account to prevent students from logging in. Keep your games secure.
  • Use private share links for games to control access rather than public game codes.

Hacks like these will save you time while maximizing how you leverage Blooket in the classroom.

The Benefits of Blooket Plus for Teachers

Blooket offers a premium subscription called “Blooket Plus” with extra features for power users:

  • More game types: Includes extra modes like Absorption and Blooket Boss Fight.
  • Expanded libraries: Add up to 500 games compared to just 20 with the free version.
  • Advanced analytics: Dive into rich performance data with filterable stats.
  • Student tracking: Monitor individual progress over time with profile pages.
  • Priority support: Get fast responses if you need troubleshooting help.

Blooket Plus unlocks incredibly useful tools for only $2.99 per month, billed annually. The productivity boost is well worth the small investment for most teachers.

Integrating Blooket with Other Edtech Platforms

The magic of Blooket grows exponentially when integrated with other popular education tools:

  • Google Classroom: Sync your Google Classroom roster to easily manage students.
  • Quizlet: Import your existing Quizlet study sets into new Blooket games.
  • Kahoot!: Supplement your Kahoot trivia quizzes with Blooket gaming.
  • Edpuzzle: Create video lessons then build a Blooket game for assessment.
  • Pear Deck: Embed Blooket review games into your Pear Deck presentations.

Streamline your workflow by uniting these platforms with Blooket for unified classroom management.


Blooket opens up limitless opportunities to energize your students and enhance their learning. By gamifying education, Blooket unlocks our natural motivation to learn and achieve.

This guide illuminated the ins and outs of joining both as a student and teacher, plus creative ways to maximize Blooket’s potential for active class participation.

With these tips and strategies, you are now fully equipped to start leveling up engagement with this game-changing edtech platform!

While discussing online educational platforms like Blooket, it’s fascinating to note the contrast with simple offline games that resonate with many. One iconic example is the offline Dino game found in Google Chrome. When there’s no internet connection, this simplistic yet engaging game takes center stage.

Players control a T-Rex dinosaur, jumping over cacti and dodging flying creatures, highlighting that even in the absence of internet connectivity, entertainment is just a tap away. The juxtaposition of Blooket’s rich, interactive learning environment with the minimalist Dino game is a testament to the broad spectrum of digital experiences available to users today.

Frequently Asked Questions about Blooket

What subjects can you use Blooket for?

Blooket can be used across all subjects! The custom quizzes work great for math, science, social studies, language arts, foreign languages, and everything in between.

Can Blooket games be played on phones and tablets?

Yes, Blooket is fully accessible on any device through the web browser. No apps to download!

Is there a way to monitor student progress over time?

With a Blooket Plus teacher account, you gain access to detailed reporting that tracks student growth across multiple games.

How do you pronounce Blooket?

Blooket is pronounced “bloo-kit” to represent the combination of books and gaming.

Can multiple classes join the same Blooket game?

Absolutely! Generate a game code then share it with as many classes as you want to allow them to join the same game session.

Can students play Blooket games offline?

Blooket games require an internet connection to sync the multiplayer gameplay in real-time. Offline single-player modes are not supported.

Are there leaderboards for the top Blooket players?

Yes! The global leaderboards showcase the top-ranked Blooket players based on lifetime gold earned and questions answered.

Can you use Blooket on a Chromebook?

Blooket runs smoothly on Chromebooks since it is a web-based platform. Simply access it through the Chrome browser.

Is there an app for Blooket?

There is currently no mobile app, but the web-based platform works flawlessly on smartphones and tablets. Simply navigate to

What age range is Blooket appropriate for?

Blooket is designed for K-12 education. The games provide the right level of challenge for students ranging from grades 1 through 12.

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