Help your tenant live “like a local”: 3 key tips

A survey conducted by Airbnb reveals that 91% of travelers want to experience their destination “like a local” when booking accommodation with Airbnb.

Unlike hotels, which are typically located in high-tourist neighborhoods, short-term rentals offer renters the opportunity to fully explore other neighborhoods and have more authentic experiences.

With this in mind, you will be able to provide your tenants with a better quality stay and better meet their expectations.

In this article, we are going to look together at various ways to make your tenants feel like “locals” of the neighborhood during their stay in your property.

Thus, your tenants will have a better stay, will advertise you and will have a better chance of returning to stay with you.

Let’s start right away with the first tip:

Leave them a welcome gift

It may seem obvious, but a thoughtful welcome gift can say a lot .

A little something bought from a local artisan is a great choice to welcome your tenants to your property and the neighborhood.

A little something to eat or snack on is always a great idea. Learn more about izdavanje stanova novi sad.

Especially since for a large number of travelers, the aspect of discovering local products occupies an important place in the choice of a travel destination.

These little touches are effective in showing your tenants that you don’t do things by halves and that you care about the success of their stay.

You offer them a glimpse (or rather a taste) of life in the neighborhood or region.

Decorate the premises appropriately

Decorating with typical/local artwork can instantly transform a boring and bland property into a lively and unique home.

That’s why you should make sure to decorate your property appropriately, in order to create the atmosphere sought by travelers and vacationers who visit the region.

Also remember to leave in the main room one or more guidebooks detailing the architecture, local atmosphere or history of your city or neighborhood. They allow your tenants to better perceive the soul of the place.

Photo albums from local photographers are also a great idea . As your guests leaf through them, they will very quickly be absorbed in the beauty of the local culture.

In short, ensure that your guests feel transported to a typical universe (of the surroundings), which takes them out of their routine.

You can also add plants from the local flora:

Plants have the advantage of making us feel better and de-stress.

Adding a few plants to the garden or apartment, and/or seasonal flowers, is a great idea to welcome your tenants and help them relax after a trying trip.

Make a guide to local attractions available to them

A guide in which you include the best restaurants, bars, attractions, shops, in the city or in the neighborhood will help your renters come up with ideas for their stay.

Renters especially appreciate knowing what your favorite places are.

Design an up-to-date guide to key local information, including dates/times and locations of local events (markets, wine fairs, village fetes, festivals, etc.).

Make sure to include a nice variety of things to do, so there’s something for everyone.

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