Exclusive: Fiverr Launches Its Micro-Services Platform 2022

Funny time for a launch! While almost all freelancers and freelancers are weakened by the crisis, Fiverr, the very popular Israeli-American platform for connecting companies and freelancers, is launching in France on April 28. Exclusively for Forbes France, Peggy de Lange, in charge of the international development of Fiverr explains the reasons for this choice.

In less than 10 years, Fiverr has established itself as the leader in the sale of micro-services, gigs in English, thanks to its digital platform which makes it possible to order digital services as simply as buying a book on Amazon. You can thus have a logo, business cards or website created by putting providers from all over the world into competition. The company achieves nearly 100 million euros in turnover. And she does not intend to stop there. The startup has decided to launch in Europe, starting in France on April 28.

How does Fiverr work?

Peggy de Lange : The story of Fiverr started with a simple idea: to be able to buy and sell digital services online as easily as physical goods. Starting from this premise, we have developed a platform bringing together all the digital professions, in a way that is as efficient and intuitive as traditional e-commerce sites. With this unique Service-as-a-Product (“SaaP”) model, Fiverr intends to revolutionize the way the world works together.

Some denounce the Gig economy, synonymous with a “low-costisation” of services?

Peggy de Lang e: By offering new ways of working and creating, Fiverr does not sell off the know-how of freelancers but connects companies of all sizes with highly qualified professionals, for missions as diverse as graphic design, digital marketing, programming, video or animation. What makes the difference with other platforms is our “pro” status for highly qualified people.

The skills spectrum of the latter is wide, with more than 300 categories accessible on the platform, grouped into 8 major business groups. In 2019, over 2.4 million customers purchased a wide range of services from freelancers working in over 160 countries. Today more than ever, the Fiverr model has its own place in the business ecosystem. You might be interested in how to rank Fiverr gig on first page of Google by Shaz Vlog.

From April 28, a French version of the platform will be put online, a first for Fiverr, which has always operated in English?

Peggy de Lange: We have several objectives for this launch: the first is of course to offer users a better experience with 100% French content. Then, it is a question of adapting all the content of the site by geolocating it, in order to provide a tailor-made response to the needs of buyers and sellers. Finally, this version of the platform will allow buyers to identify local sellers through a specific tab. A way to favor French freelancers with priority and direct contact.

How do you assess the French market?

Peggy de Lange : The launch of Fiverr France owes nothing to chance: even though 70% of turnover is today generated by Anglo-Saxon countries, the demand for occasional talent, online and with great flexibility is a global trend.

Fiverr France is a French site, and not a simple translation, which required 5 months of development by a hundred developers.

With the French version of Fiverr, we will be able to develop much more dynamically in this very promising market with double-digit growth. In France, Fiverr recorded 50% more purchases and 77% more sales on the platform (Q1 2020 versus Q1 2019). For Fiverr, investing in a market like France is therefore a real opportunity and a necessary lever for growth in the years to come. Simultaneously, Fiverr will also launch the Spanish version of its site. These two launches mark the beginning of a long-term international expansion.

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