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Cats are very gourmet animals when it comes to eating, especially when they are house cats that are used to having whims and luxuries. But that has nothing to do with the fact that they don’t eat because they are sick.

We all know how dangerous it can be for a cat to stop eating, not doing so in a couple of days can cause very serious liver damage, especially if the animal is overweight. It can even lead to death.

Therefore, if your cat stops eating, the first thing you have to do is go to the vet to find out the cause. But if you have already treated him and the point is to encourage him to eat a little more than he is doing, there are ways to achieve it. Know more about francuski buldog.

special feed

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There are special feeds on the market that are designed to encourage the cat to eat. Its smell, its texture and its sweet flavors make the animal want to eat a little more than normal. Just because of the change, the cat will feel stimulated to try the feed, but if in addition to that it is given something that is really tasty, it is easier for it to eat a larger quantity.

Treats in the form of sachets or tubs with sauces are also often very successful, but don’t be surprised that the animal just sucks up the sauce and leaves the chunks for you. It is quite common in these kittens.

Also try cooking fresh fish and mixing it with your meal. They love the smell and texture of the fish and it will make it more appealing to eat.

Vitamins and appetite stimulants

There are products such as vitamins and appetite stimulants that are sold in pet stores in powder form and that are used with food or to enrich it so that with less quantity the cat has everything it needs, or to make it more attractive and eat more. It is important that if this is done, it is done after having visited the veterinarian since a disease must always be ruled out.

There are also treatments in more serious cases to stimulate appetite. The usual thing is that the veterinarian prescribes the cat some suitable antihistamines since this medication has turned out to be very good to make hungry. Of course, only through veterinary control and only in the marked dose, the cat should never be self-medicated.

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